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Vision Keepers
Board Members

Abby Rohweder,
Path Keeper (Chair)

Abby is a 2021 graduate of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a B.S. in Food Systems, taking her love for food and where it comes from to a whole new level. She now works as a Policy Assistant at Intertribal Agriculture Council. Previously, Abby was the Wild Rice Project Coordinator with Finland Food Chain. She hopes to bring local communities closer to their food through education, policy and activity.

Lucy Calrson pic for Feb 2023 vision keeper prof.jpg
Lucy Carlson,
Board Member

Lucy is the Finance Lead at Friends of Finland, and a graduate University of Minnesota where she got to study organic and local food systems. Lucy came to the LAA through her senior capstone project as an intern. She is passionate about improving food systems at the local level and reducing barriers to entry for emerging farmers.

Shannon Walz,
Bushwhacker (Vice Chair)

Shannon is an organizational leadership and education consultant. She is interested in building a more socially and environmentally just future and believes that our relationship with the land and community engagement is core to achieving this future.

lise abazs.png
 Lise Abazs,
Harvest Keeper (Treasurer)

Lise is the Executive Director of North Shore Area Partners and the Treasurer for the Town of Crystal Bay. She is also a family farmer growing fruit, vegetables, seeds and livestock. She embraces re-imagining sustainability and our relationship with the land.

Matthew pic.jpg
Matthew Unzeitig,
Harvest Helper

     Matthew spends his time raising sons Ziggy and Arthur (4 and 3 years old), maintaining quality rental housing in Lake and St. Louis Counties, and enjoying life with his partner, Sydney. His life passions include family, healing, Permaculture, ecologically sustainable and affordable housing, cooperative business models, and empowerment of the feminine in the world. I am glad to be participating in an organization which is working towards a better future for both humanity and the Earth.          Mathew holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at UMN-Twin Cities with minors in Ecological Restoration, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, and Integrative Therapies and Healing. Matthew is a two-tour army veteran with incurred disabilities. He manages multiple businesses and performs residential construction work. In the past, he has worked in the environmental consulting field, as a karaoke DJ, stage manager at music festivals, surveyor, and spent a few years as a pretty big hippie.

      Matthew hopes to spend more time in life helping others gain access to and ownership in housing and food production. If we can manage to cooperatively own and operate our land, housing and food production, we can make great strides toward a more stable, secure, peaceful, and fulfilling life.

Alliance Director

dani pieratos.png

Dani Pieratos

Dani holds interests in healthy food access, tribal sovereignty, and sustainability. Dani is motivated to make this world more livable, which is why she is so excited to contribute her passions to food justice work. She currently freelances for Harvest Nation, the Bois Forte Food Sovereignty Group, & Mazaan Tea.

Advisory Council

Teresa Kittridge

Teresa is the Founder and President of 100 Rural Women with a cross sector professional career and service in elected office.  She lives in the Chippewa National Forest  and is passionate about rural people, places, culture, justice and community.

Honor Schauland

Honor is the the Program Lead with Friends of the Finland Community. Her work with Friends of Finland attempts to bridge divides and expand access to essential community needs from access to local foods to youth mentorship and local business incubation. She is interested in how rural issues and land access issues intersect with race and class.

Kelsey Gantzer

Kelsey is the Executive Director at the Duluth Community School Collaborative. She is interested in removing barriers to food sovereignty faced by individuals and communities.

David Abazs

David is the Executive Director of the Northeast Regional Sustainable Development Partnership and is the Supervisor for Lake County SWCD. He is also a family farmer growing vegetables, seeds, and climate-forward tree seedlings. He's working to bring equity, justice and sustainability to our region through collaborative partnerships and "on the ground" projects that make the change needed.

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