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Everyone should be able to access the land that feeds us to grow and gather food. Too many people who want to grow and gather food for their communities - especially People of Color and women - cannot access fertile land. Control of land, and with it the production of food, is concentrated in just a few hands. We are working to make access to land and food truly equitable. The Land Access Alliance envisions a world where people come together as land stewards working within communities toward a common goal - providing local communities with fresh, healthy food through thriving farm and foraging businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create land access opportunities for women, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, landless farmers and foragers for just participation in our local food system. We intentionally work in the spirit of reconciliation with land and people.

Our Values

Our core values are rooted in the understanding that humans, the land and our nonhuman neighbors are deeply interconnected. We seek to create space for these interconnected parts to work together for sustainable and generative community land use. These values shape how we work together to achieve our mission. Our core values are represented in these four pillars. You can scroll over the boxes for more information.


Food is at the center of vibrant and resilient communities. Freedom and support to grow, gather, eat and preserve foods as well as ethically hunt and fish is vital to sustaining our connections to culture and the land in which we are situated. We believe that local food that people can see, touch, or taste brings us together and makes us stronger and healthier.



Land and our relationship to it are at the center of ALL beings health and well-being. We don’t see ourselves as owners of land; RATHER, as caretakers, community members and residents. We believe that all of our actions on the land should renew both the land as well as the people and beings in our communities. Our actions should cultivate and support deepening personal relationships with the land. We seek to create space for knowledge sharing between ALL members of our communities both human and nonhuman.



Access to land must be tied closely to our relationships to land, justice and community well-being. We see our use of the land as a gift that all people and nonhuman beings should have equitable access to. We seek to build intergenerational wealth in a just way for all of our communities through reparations, healing, and the right relationship with the land and each other.



Trust is something to cultivate and grow through all aspects of our work. We believe that we are stronger and more successful when we include voices from many perspectives, promote a culture of collective leadership and foster meaningful partnerships. To engage those voices we have to build relationships within our organization and the communities we are working with that are built on honesty, respect, transparency, creativity, openness, humility and good humor.


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