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Celebrating World Social Justice day: Feb 20, 2023

The Land Access Alliance is committed to its social justice mission of creating equitable access to land and healthy food. This means we’re prioritizing Women, BIPOC, and other marginalized groups who in the United States have been left out of land ownership systems. Here is some information to share light on this topic.

Whites own 98% and operated 94% of all farmland in the US.

People of Color farmers are more likely to be tenants rather than owners, owned less land, and generated less farm-related wealth per person than their White counterparts.

Gender disparities within the US Agricultural system: 63% of non-operating landowners, 86% of farm operators, and 87% of tenant farmers were male.

The LAA is putting land into trust to restore a balance of power between farmers, foragers, and the communities in the NE Minnesota who deserve access to fresh, local food.

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